Make your kitchen stylish, functional and efficient with our collection of high quality and reliable appliances, hard wearing sinks and stylish taps. Our range has everything you need to complete your new kitchen makeover

Our high quality range of Appliances, Sinks and Taps

At Sherwood Kitchen Makeovers, we not only offer a huge range of quality doors and worktops, we also supply a wide variety of high quality appliances made by trusted brands. From sinks and taps to ovens, dishwashers, washing machines, hobs, extractors and more.

Upgrade your kitchen with reliable and stylish appliances that offer both functionality and aesthetic appeal, ensuring your kitchen is best equipped to meet your needs.

Kitchen Sinks

Our sink collection provides a fantastic choice of practical and stylish design options.

Whether you are seeking a more traditional farmhouse aesthetic or contemporary sophistication, our sinks offer genuine lasting quality and style.

Types of kitchen sinks we offer...

Single bowl

Ideal for compact spaces, offering straightforward functionality.

Bowl and a half

Versatile and ideal for simultaneous washing and rinsing.

Belfast sinks

Known for traditional charm, add character to any kitchen.

Stainless steel

Sleek for a modern appeal, easy to maintain.

Composite sinks

Hard wearing and available in an attractive colour range.

Ceramic sinks

Timeless elegance meets easy maintenance.

Granite sinks

Resistant to scratches and stains, combine functionality with lasting beauty.

Cream Sink
Ceramic Sink
Pull Out Tap
Spray Taps
Double Lever

Kitchen Taps

Our wide selection of practical and stylish quality tap options has everything from mixer taps in modern chrome or black finishes, to classic brass adding a more traditional look to your kitchen.

Types of kitchen taps we offer...

Mixer taps

Offering a world of choice, perfect for all-day everyday use.

Boiler taps

Instant boiling water! great for cooking and beverages.

Pull-Out Spray taps

Offering great manoeuvrability and efficient cleaning.

Dual lever taps

Allowing precise adjustment to both hot and cold water separately.

Single lever taps

Give effortless temperature and flow control.

Brass taps

Providing timeless elegance. Great for classic-looking kitchens.

Black taps

Add an ultra-modern touch to contemporary kitchen designs.

Double Oven
In-Built Oven
Gas Oven


We have quality oven options to enhance both your cooking experience and kitchen design. Choose from single or double ovens, packed with lots of useful features.

Types of oven we offer...

Single ovens

Functional, simple and wonderfully compact.

Double ovens

Ideal for larger families, enabling simultaneous cooking at varying temperatures.

Electric ovens

Offering precise temperature control and consistent heat distribution.

Gas ovens

Perfect for traditional cooks, providing instant heat control.


We have a wide range of hobs, from the innovation of Induction to the responsive control of Gas. Our hobs cater perfectly to your cooking preferences.

Types of hobs we offer...

Induction hobs

Blending speed, easy cleaning and energy efficiency.

Gas hobs

Providing unparalleled heat control, empowering cooking enthusiasts with temperature mastery.

Ceramic hobs

Sleek and modern, lending functionality and style to your kitchen.

Just Some Of The Trusted Brands We Supply


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A personal & professional service

Experience a kitchen makeover that is unique to you, from concept to completion Sherwood Kitchen Makeovers deliver a tailor made service, reflecting your own individual style and preferences, giving you a kitchen transformation that feels distinctly yours.

Craftsmen that care

At Sherwood, our professional and friendly fitters take pride in every detail, so you can be assured of the best quality finish delivered on time, with a smile. A typical install takes between 2-3 days, our installers will keep you informed every step of the way, leaving your home clean and tidy.

Affordable quality

Elevate your kitchen without breaking the bank. Sherwood Kitchen Makeovers bring you affordable quality, style and durability making your dream kitchen vision not only achievable but exceptional. Save up to 50% compared to the cost of a full kitchen refit.